It’s time to tell your story with a video biography.

We blend a professionally guided interview with your family's photos, VHS tapes, music, and more.

Are we a good fit for your family?

Video biographies do 3 things better than anything else.


Combine stories and family assets.

Through our films, you can give context to some of your family's most treasured archival photos and video.

Charles was able to tell the story behind the only photo he has of his mother.


Capture the whole person.

Video captures their voice, facial expressions, body language, laughter, and more better than any other medium.

Our first client ever, Sue recounts some of her memories about her parents and the area she grew up.


Ensure accessibility
for the future.

Ensure that the generations who come after you can enjoy the stories—almost as if it were firsthand.

Randy describes where his work ethic was forged, and the value he wants to pass along to his grandchildren.

Our process is as simple as 1-2-3.


Family Research

We learn about your family through our pre-interview, like what stories are most important to capture along with an analysis of your family's existing photo and video assets. Our research here will help us craft the perfect interview questions and game plan.


Interview Filming

Although we bring Hollywood-level cameras and lighting gear into your home, many of our clients say they forgot the equipment was even there. That's because we're experts when it comes to the art of the interview, carefully navigating all the ups and downs of each of the lives we're privileged to capture.


Editing & Delivery

This is hard work–Consolidating someone's life into a film that's short enough to be enjoyed in one sitting, but long enough to do their whole life justice. Not for the faint at heart! But with our experience, we can have your family masterpiece completed and delivered digitally in as little as 6 weeks.

Our clients have loved their experience with us.

We've worked with dozens of individuals and couples, and they're all saying the same thing.

"A lasting treasure for my family."

"This work undoubtedly changes lives."

"Comes from the heart—exceptional."

Preserve your story with packages starting as low as $1,500.

Your Family's Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed — Or Your Money Back!

We haven't let a family down yet, and we don't plan on letting yours down either.

But if we get the privilege of working with you and your family and you're not completely satisfied when the project is complete, we'll give you your money back.

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